Apple Looking to Release HD TV Early 2012

Here’s another Apple rumour which will suit you fanboys and girls down to the ground – you’ll soon be able to have an Apple HD TV in your living room!

Reports yesterday seem to point to the Cupertino-based fruity tech giant will launch a range of HD telly boxes in March 2012.

The Apple TV sets will come in three different sizes according to Wall Street analyst Trip Chowdry.

Chowdry reckons that these Apple HD TVs will be similar to the very uncheap Bose VideoWave (pictured below) as the Apple sets will also feature a built-in sound system.

Chowdry has added up all the information and hear-say which he has collected from a variety of developer events and has come-up with Spring 2012 as being the resulting estimated time of arrival.

Apple HD TV? Are you excited?

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