Apple Lighten Their Tech – Employs Carbon Fibre Engineer

Now, I got all excited when I saw the patent for a carbon fibre iPad which has still yet to materialise but…

It appears that Apple has hired a new engineer, who just so happens to have a background in carbon fibre.

Needless to say that this appointment has triggered off rumours aplenty that centre around Cupertino churning out carbon fibre kit in the near future!

Kevin Kenney is the man in question and is now employed as Senior Composites Engineer at Apple. This is the very chap whose name appeared on that 2009 carbon fibre iPad patent I mentioned earlier 😉

As well as making the iPhone and iPad lighter eyes are on a new, slinkier MacBook Air. The lightweight laptop is currently constructed mainly of aluminium – but swapping some metal bits for the high tech composite would surely shave off the grams – summer is coming up and most of us are thinking about getting that beach bod so why not the MBA?

Would you gladly grab a carbon fibre iDevice?

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