Apple iWatch – Top 5 must haves

Apple iWatchSmartwatches. There’s a few that have made headlines such as The Pebble and the Sony SmartWatch. Now, if Apple made one…

According to reports in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Apple is “experimenting” with a new watch-like gadget, promptly dubbed the iWatch.

While seemingly unlikely, the rumours make sense – let’s face it, wrist-straps for the iPod Nano have done pretty well and Apple is no doubt looking for other markets to muscle in on. They’re already known to be working on a TV set.

Siri controlled

I can’t see it using apps in the same way as the iPhone or iPod Touch and would expect to access most things via Siri. Tapping and flicking your wrist? That would just look silly 😉

iPhone location

As your iWatch and iPhone would undoubtedly become best friends it would make sense for your iWatch to be able to help you locate your iPhone. How many times have you put your phone down, forgotten where you left it and then called it – only to remember that you left it on Do Not Disturb? If your iWatch could track it down, then all would be lovely.

Apple iWatch back simDirections

There’s been many times when I’ve been walking around the ‘edgier’ areas of London and was certain that getting my iPhone out to see where I am was tantamount to switching on a neon ‘Mug me now!’ sign.Turn-by-turn directions on your iWatch would be a genius solution, methinks.


A high-tech smartwatch should make life easier as it will be with you even more often than your iPhone. It will also be easier to get to. Why not allow NFC so you can swipe pay for public transport, coffee, cinema tickets and so on.


Apart from the up-the-nose angled shots, having a front-facing camera in the iWatch would bring the far-flung future smack-bang to today. A wrist-mounted video-phone would be cool and futuristic, but also would see more ‘walking in to lamp posts’ and ‘falling down stairs’ incidents, no doubt.

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