Apple iWatch to land next October

iwatchWell, it certainly sounds like Apple’s iWatch will be coming next year.

According to a new report from a Chinese tech site, the much-hyped wrist wearable tech will be with us in October next year. Not only that, word is the Cupertino cuff neighbour will be rocking some pretty nifty charging tech too.

I am sure that there are many of you out there already prepared to start queuing up for Apple’s iWatch. Let’s face it, it is about time (pun intended) that Apple revealed its take on the smartwatch.

The iWatch has been the subject of rumours for months, with talk of special curved tech for flexible displays, and there’s even been a few different sizes being bandied about the web.

Today’s leaky insider comes courtesy of China’s C Technology, who reckons Apple will pull the wrappers off of the iWatch in October 2014 along with the iPhone 6.

If all is to be believed, the iWatch will have special powers when it comes to regenerating as Apple is said to be working on a prototype which will be able to draw power from up to a metre away. This not only has the potential to mean that you can charge whilst still wearing the device but that the iWatch could even slurp go-juice from the iPhone in your pocket.

The report also says Apple could include a low power battery. This would represent a bold move, but would tie into previous chatter about the device using low powered Bluetooth to access email, messages and app notifications.

So, is the iWatch sounding like something you’d wear? Let me know below.

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