Apple iWatch range and iPhone 6 packing almost a dozen sensors reported

iwatch coloursWaiting for the iWatch to land? Well, it turns out that Apple could release more than one iWatch along with the iPhone 6 this September.

The Wall Street Journal reports that their source has whispered to them that there will be a selection of Apple iWatch models which will sport different screen sizes and so cater for slender wrists and big chunky watch lovers alike.

Previous reports suggest that the iWatch could have a micro-LED display that’s nine times brighter than a conventional LED offering, with lower power requirements to boot.

If true, the iWatch could stand out from the crowd by serving up the colour and resolution of an LCD smartwatch, with the battery life of an E-Ink display à la Pebble.

Not only will there be an iWatch ‘range’ but the WSJ’s source goes on to say that the new iPhone will pack in more than ten different sensors, including ones which track health and fitness.

Traditional sensors like accelerometers and ambient light sensors are probably included in that count, but there could be some interesting ones in the health tracking department.

Well, that certainly fits (pun intended) in with Apple’s recent unveiling of its one-stop-shop for fitness tracking stats in the form of the Health app on iOS 8 – so, as well as iPhone 6 packing in the sensors I’d expect to see the iWatch arrive with a heart rate sensor, at the very least.

So, who’s expecting Tim Cook to walk onto the iPhone 6 launch stage with an iWatch strapped to his wrist in a few month’s time?