Apple iTunes 8, Genius and HD TV

Stevey J got stuck straight in with the new iTunes offerings by announcing HD TV show downloads, from $2.99.

As well as that he added, “NBC is coming back to iTunes, and they’re bringing all their great shows with them”.  Nice 🙂

The new iTunes 8 package will launch, with HD TV downloads, new browsing features and that “Genius” feature I’ve mentioned before.

Browsing will change, with the ability to look at albums just by their covers.

“Genius will automatically let you create playslists from songs in your iTunes library with just one click”.

All it will take is one click of the button in the bottom left-hand corner  to create a full playlist.

Information and algorithms about your iTunes library, like number of plays on one song, will be sent to Apple, basically so they can collect data on their users, to “combine your information with the knowledge of other iTunes users too”.

This will apparently allow Genius to “get smarter and smarter and smarter”, and Apple will send the results back to their users.

Before the freaking out begins, all this takes place anonymously of course.