Apple iTime patent filed – iWatch name change?

iwatchApple is expected to launch their new Apple iWatch later this year but we still really don’t know what it will look like, and there is actually no confirmation that it will be called the Apple iWatch.

Now, some new patent filings have been revealed for the Apple smartwatch which have been granted to Apple recently that might point to a new name.

The Apple iWatch patent filing comes with U.S patent No. 8,787,006, and it is for a ‘wrist worn electronic device’, that can be connected to other devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

As noted, much of the invention pertains to a convertible style smartwatch that incorporates a central electronic device which is secured, and be removed, via an advanced strap system.

apple iwatch itimeThe idea is pretty reminiscent of Apple’s sixth-generation iPod nano which spawned a cottage industry of ad-hoc solutions that turned the media player into a wrist watch-style device. In fact, Apple’s patent background alludes to the iPod nano by name.

The patent filing has references to ‘iTime’, although it is not clear as yet on whether this could be used as a possible name for the new Apple iWatch or whether this would be a feature on the device. At the moment iTime is actually an app on the Apple App store.

apple iwatch itime 2From the looks of the photos and patent filings, this could possibly be for an earlier design of the Apple iWatch, and not the one we will see later this year.

Apple’s iWatch is expected to have the looks of a luxury wristwatch integrated with powerful sensors as found in fitness bands combine with all the best elements from iPhone and iPad. The sensor filled iWatch is expected to cost above $1,000, according to some reports. As with most things, a large pinch of salt may be required.

The 1.8-inch iWatch is said to have a flexible AMOLED display and sapphire coating.  There are other whispers that the Apple smartwatch will come in at least a couple of different versions, possibly 1.3-inch and 1.7-inch, to cater for different wrists and fashions.

Hopes are that the Apple iWatch will be launched at the same time as the iPhone 6 in September but there are also reports of the production of Apple’s wristpiece being delayed thus missing the holiday shopping spree altogether.

What are your feelings regarding the new Apple device?