Apple iPod Touch and Nano Get Cameras – Proof!

new_ipodsThere has been rumblings about news Apple iPod Touch’s and Nano’s and now we may have some proof thanks to Cult of Mac.

A “well–connected” source has slipped out some new case designs for both the new touch and iPod nano which show holes for what could only be for a camera lens.

Plans for the next–gen iPod touch and iPod nano have been rumoured for a few weeks now but the latest batch of shots of new cases from China throw up some interesting snippets due for an official outing in September.

The new iPod touch appears to have a camera slap bang in the middle of its back panel, rather than offset like the one on the iPhone.

I’m wondering if it will be loaded with the 3.2–megapixel number as fitted in the iPhone 3GS.

As for the new iPod nano, the body remains pretty much the same, with the screen getting slightly wider and a camera shoved in the corner.

The grapevine seems to agree that prices will remain the same even though the iPod Touch will brag 64GB.

Perhaps the new Touch may get the iPhone 3GS’s vid app as well……

More news when the grapevine whispers once more 😉

Check out a stunning array of pics at Cult of Mac

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