Apple iPod Event – September 1st

There’s been much guessing as to when this would happen but Apple has finally released an invitation to UK journo types offering them the chance to join in a music-themed event next Wednesday, 1 September.

The event, which is a week ahead of the rumoured date of 7 September, will kick off at 6pm on Wednesday.

UK folk will get to watch a live link from the event in California which wil reveal just what the company has in store.

Now, unless Apple are actually releasing a branded acoustic guitar, I reckon it’s a safe bet that the event will be iPod-based.

I’m expecting it’ll be a new iPod Touch and Nano being unveiled but there is a chance that there could be announcements regarding iTunes launching in the cloud and possibly that iTV (Apple TV).

What do you want to see happen at Apple’s Wednesday event?

Let me know 🙂

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