Apple iPod Classic sent the way of the Walkman

apple ipod classic finaleApple has cunningly used the diversionary tactics of announcing huge iPhones and a swanky wrist-based peripheral in order to kill off one of its classics. Literally. The iPod Classic.

That’s right. Apple has quietly taken the iPod Classic around the back of the company’s Cupertino HQ and ‘discontinued’ it. Permanently.

It’s almost as though the Apple Watch is taking the space left by the original iPod. Such is the cycle of life.

It has been 13 years since the iPod first appeared on the scene and began taking the digital music revolution to the masses (I have to admit that I was actually rocking a Creative Jukebox Zen – I’ve never been one of the cool kids).

The iPod has received a number of refreshes along the way since its launch back in 2001 with the final variant being made in 2007 and staying the same right up until now.

The click wheel-equipped Classic came in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB hard drive versions to store your music and, in later models, videos. There were also people out there doubling the storage capabilities of the iPod Classic!

The iPod Classic still managed to survive in a world where mobile phones could carry music and, more recently, stream it from the cloud. This was often attributed to its ability to keep heavy audio consumers happy, those who like to curate extensive music libraries and playlists all in one place and at a high quality.

There’s still plenty to chose from in the iPod family though – The iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. So it’s not like there isn’t plenty of choice for Apple fans to sling their tunes on to.

Goodbye iPod Classic. You were a class act.