Apple iPod Celebrates 10 Years of Portable Music Collections

October 23rd 2001 – that was the date when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod at a special event. A whole decade ago. Since then, like the Hoover, Ansaphone, Kleenex, Polaroid or even Brillopad the iPod has become the victim of Genericide. When did anyone ask what you were playing on your digital music player?

The iPod could well stand at the starting line of Apple’s journey into mass appeal. True, the Mac Classic, iMac and iPhone are all substantial landmarks but the success of the iPod might as well as be classed as the success of Apple.

The iPod suddenly took the swish, top end computer manufacturer into ‘regular’ folks homes. OK, so when the iPod came out I was arguing the corner for the Creative Zen Juke Box but those with more of a penchent for design and were already familiar with Apple tech started to outnumber those like me.

Just as important was the iPod’s computer software – iTunes which has proved to have the power to upset the entire music industry.

The iPod wasn’t the first, it wasn’t the smallest, it didn’t have the largest hard drive but if you were to draw the outline of an iPod complete with scroll-wheel (none of this touchscreen nonsense here please) most would be able to recognise it – granted, some youngester may call it an iPod Classic but we will allow that. Let’s face it – ten years is a hell of a long time for anything to survive in the world of modern consumer electronics and to keep hold of the familiar form factor, look and feel must be almost unheard of.

My cousin still protects his iPod Classic (after owning most of the other iterations) and will guard his iTunes collection like a rabid beast protecting a fresh kill. A friend of mine is still rocking a third-generation iPod and refuses to part with it and as he is eyeing up an iPhone I may have to offer the iPod a safe home 😉

Where would Apple be without the iconic box, scroll-wheel and white earbuds? Share your first time with an iPod or other iPod happenings below.

iPod have a happy 10th birthday!

Here’s its first outing:

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