Apple iPlay – Gaming Console for Fanboys and Girls

Apple has managed to make iPod synonymous for portable digital music players, taken over mobile phone sales, more-or-less created the tablet niche and is still dabbling in TV – There has even been whispers that Jobs and his fruity army may dip their toes into the console gaming market.

Allow your peepers to feast upon these conceptual drawings by Michael Giles.

The iPlay sketches were rendered a few years ago but I still would have this sat under my telly for sure!

Looking somewhat like the love-child of the first gen PS3 and the base of an old iMac. Michael has seemed to go for a PlayStation remote design as well. Perhaps a revision showing a wireless remote and even motion control as that seems to be all the rage thanks to Wii, Kinect and Move is on the drawing board? Also the addition of HDMI would be nice 😉

Given the marketshare gobbled up by the iPhone and iPad some kind of integration between the iPlay and the other Apple’s could be worked in – even an option to use them as wireless controllers.

I’m digging the glowing Apple logo and the shape. What say you Gadgety faithful – what would you add or alter?

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