Apple iPhone Update Reveals Possible Nano Proof

iphone_nano-300x2001A new iPhone has been leaked by Apple in code tucked away in the latest firmware update (I sorted mine out last night).

All the feedback that I’ve read up to now seemed like the update sorted a couple of little niggles out but really wasn’t any great shakes.

Until, that is, some Sherlock Holmes style hackers routed through the code and discovered something with reference to iPhone 2,1.


Well; if I said that the iPhone 2G is always referred to as iPhone 1,1 and the 3G iPhone update is iPhone 1,2.

That means, if anything, we may have expected a 1,3 – seeing a 2,1 kinda suggests that Apple is planning a major hardware overhaul of the iPhone rather than a tweak.

Doesn’t it?

To add fuel to this fruity fire a developer at online ad firm PinchMedia claims to have seen web requests from iPhone 2,1 devices.

So, putting two and two together and hopefully coming up with four means that Apple has working prototypes of the new iPhone whirring away inside their HQ.

Could it be the iPhone Nano?

Will it have a better camera with a flash?

Will it be able to send MMS?

Will it be able to record video from an improved camera?

If this actually happens – what’s on your wish list?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

For you code getters here it is: