Apple iPhone 5S coming soon with uprated camera and processor

iphone 5 black and whiteApple will soon be announcing the iPhone 5S, probably in next few months, and are expected to be packing uprated internals within the iPhone 5 case.

Slipping in an ‘S’ version of their smartphone between major releases has been par for the course ever since iPhone 3GS. Apple will keep the same design for their iPhone for two years but update the components.

For the latest one, iPhone 5S, it looks like it will get a faster processor and an updated camera compared to the iPhone 5.

DigiTimes is reporting that next-generation iPhone components will begin shipping at the end of May, and Apple’s new smartphone could show up sometime in the third quarter, matching with other reports that an iPhone 5S would be released in the summer.

Components for the next-generation iPhone will start shipping at the end of May with the new smartphone to have a chance of showing up in the third quarter, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The new iPhone will not receive a major upgrade and may just be a slightly enhanced version of iPhone 5 (iPhone 5S), the sources said citing their latest specification data.

DigiTimes’ sources claim the iPhone 5S would have a higher-end processor and a higher-megapixel camera, which match with other rumors about the phone.


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