Apple iPhone 4S Coming October 7th – iPhone 5 Delayed due to Problems

More iPhone 5 rumour updates my Gadgety friends. There’s a bit of good news/bad news here – also a confirmation (of sorts) of the new design.

Let’s start with the bitter pill first so that we can wash out down with something more positive.

Where it seems generally accepted that there could well be two new iPhones landing soon with one being an iPhone 4S and the other being the ever-so muchly anticipated iPhone 5.

The bad news is that Apple may be having a hard time building the iPhone 5 as the rumour is that they are facing design and production delays.

The good news is that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a groovy new tapered design. The new Apple hardware was flashed up on Case Mate’s website before being pulled rather swiftly. 9to5 Mac is confidently reporting that this is definitely how the iPhone 5 will look.

OK, so you only get to glimpse its derrière in the pic above but according to the screen protector leak it looks as though the iPhone 5 will get an elongated Home button/touchpad.

The iPhone 4-esque 4S, however, is not facing any of these delays and is happily bouncing off the production line ready for my insider tipped 7th October release date.

Could the iPhone 5 be ready for Christmas or will it be an early child of 2012?

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