Apple iPhone 5 Lacking NFC see it in iPhone 6 – Oh, White iPhone 4 in Spring

We know what to expect from the iPhone 5 in the looks department but one of the additions to the 5 was allegedly going to be NFC (Near Field Communication) which promises the iPhone user wireless payment of goods and the possibility of using your phone to swipe you through Oyster barriers on London’s transport system.

According to the Independent, UK operators are saying that the company only “hopes” to put NFC in a handset in 2012 – Let’s say June 2012 and the arrival of iPhone 6 then.

“The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry,”

By the sound of things Apple is actually working on its own version of NFC which would grab the funds used to pay for your swiped payments from your iTunes account. That makes sense to me.

The Apple adoption of NFC stories can all be traced back to when the fruity device cobbler enlisted the NFC smarts of Benjamin Vigier in August 2010.

Google has already shoved NFC inside its Nexus S as well as making it a feature of Android 2.3 Gingerbread software for other handset makers to follow suit. RIM has made it a feature across its upcoming range of BlackBerry handsets if the development road maps that have found their way on to the interwebs are to be believed.

This all could be a ploy by Apple and iPhone 5 may end up being loaded with wireless iTunes powered paying cleverness.

In other news – a white iPhone 4 will be available in Spring 2011 but I really can’t see the newsworthiness of this long dragging item.

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