Apple iPhone 5 – Flash Moved and Something Happening on the Top.

Here is another case pic purportedly of the iPhone 5 and this time we get to see its face 🙂

Fonegadgets over in Prodigy’s homeland of Braintree, Essex is displaying this pic of an iPhone Pro case supplied via a phone spares importer.

The new iPhone picture is complete with the wider Home button and more of the real estate taken up by a larger screen – Dear Apple, please let this be the 4-inch Retina display of our dreams.

On the back of this new Apple mobile there appears to be a new home for the flash. This placement would help take less snaps with that evil red-eye via the much rumoured 8MP camera.

The other noticeable thing on the rear view is that those bevels seen on the previous case leak are present. So, this means that the flat back will no longer be.

What has me intrigued is that there’s a large gap in the case at the top of the phone.

Now, unless Apple have decided to move the docking/charging port to the top what else could live up there with the headphone jack and lock button?

A projector? Probably not. A torch? Heh! No. How about some extra speakers? That would be pretty neat 🙂

We’ll keep on rummaging in our bag of iPhone 5 case pics and let you know what else we find.

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