8GB Apple iPhone 3GS Coming Soon

To me this is very plausible.

It seems that Apple may be dropping the 8gb iPhone 3G in favour of a similarly memoried 3Gs.

A forum user on the German ‘apfeltalk‘ ordered a regular refurbed 8GB iPhone 3G and that’s exactly what he got.

But – the interesting thing was that the packaging was for an 8GB version of the latest model, the 3GS!

As everyone here surely knows – you can only get the 3Gs in 16GB and 32GB versions. This means an unlikely typo on the packaging or Apple has got their new boxes all mixed up with the outgoing stock – ooopsy!

User .David commented on the forums (translated via Google Translate):

“Seems to be an iPhone 3G (back and no compass, FW) 3.0.1 on it. However, the packaging is clearly designed for an iPhone 3G [S] 8GB. Ordered was a refurbished 3G iPhone 8GB.

Vote: who have a refurbished iPhone 3G in a new packaging of the packaged iPhone 3G [S] 8GB, because the enhancement is clearly new. Which clearly indicates that the sale of the iPhone 3G [S] 8GB immediately imminent.”

When you weigh up the facts:

  • The 3G model is now over 18 months old.
  • It looks like Apple’s building up to launch a fourth model in June.
  • It doesn’t make sense to have three different models on the market at the same time.

Apple will be holding an event on the 26th of January so as well as the iSlate we might see the entry-level 3Gs there 😉