Apple iPhone 83 – Retro Design 20 Years Ahead

apple-phone-concept-iphone-1983How we love an Apple concept.

The clean lines, the whiteness and the chances are that, eventually, some version of it will appear.

Unplggd have uncovered an Apple phone concept from back 1983 (when I was 12 – awwwwwww!).

Who’d have thought that we’d have to wait a further 24 years before we got an Apple phone!

Just imagine; when this came out Apple were still buzzing from the release of world’s first portable computer, the Apple IIc.

It’s got a touchscreen (without multitouch) and stylus, great resolution and, as near-field payments or online banking weren’t around it appears that electric cheques were the predicted way forward.

I just wonder what Apple has already got planned for us in 20 years time.

Any ideas?