Apple iPhone 8 turned on in leak

iphone 8 leakIt is leaky Apple time once more. There have been a number of renders around already, but this one is switched on!

Most of the renders floating around of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, if you prefer) have shown that black glassy screen.

Well, a lot of them are from case companies.

Now, some renders have come out of Forbes in cooperation with accessories outfit Nodus.

Apple iPhone 8 details

Yes, you get to see the OLED display in its full glory, but there are a few other neat bits on show.

iphone 8 portGranted, there is no return for the headphone jack. The Lightning port is still there.

iphone 8 rearYou get a pair of cameras at the back in a vertical stack.

iphone 8 dockThere is an unusually large power button at the side that also serves as a backup if on-screen Touch ID doesn’t work.

iphone 8 bezelHowever, it’s the 5.8-inch OLED display is definitely the centerpiece.

It does look rather nice with those 4mm bezels.

There could be a shake-up with the software too to accommodate the new dimensions.

iphone 8 topFor instance, notifications could be brought up from the bottom and not the top.

This “Function Area” could keep time, battery level, wireless signal information next to the selfie camera and 3D facial scanner.

Big cell / big sell

The new iPhone could enjoy a larger battery thanks to a new rumoured two-piece, L-shaped cell package.

That’s not the only thing expected to be enlarged either.

There is a strong possibility that the iPhone 8 prices will start around $1,100 to $1,200. That’s up even on previous 4-figure guesstimates.