Apple iPhone 8 latest look

iphone 8Apple is expected to launch their new iPhone 8, or iPhone X, sometime this September. There is a firm expectation that we’ll see another pair of new handsets appearing with it too.

According to a recent report, the next iPhone will come with faster charging than current iPhones as well as other new skills.

Speedy charging may come way of the addition of a lightning connector with a USB-C Power adapter.

The new adapter is rumored to be supplied to Apple by Cypress Semiconductor. Word is that it will be the same charger as supplied with the recently launched 10.5 inch iPad Pro., this would apparently bring significant improvements in charging time on Apple’s new iPhone.

iphone 8 backThe 10th anniversary iPhone will boast an OLED display and be powered by Apple’s new A11 processor. Oh, and expect more RAM than previous models.

We are expecting storage options on Apple’s new iPhones to range from 64GB up to 256GB and the handset will come with new cameras.

Apple’s new iPhone 8 will come with a new design and new materials, according to those in the know.

The handset is rumored to have a stainless steel chassis and a glass back.

iPhone 8 design leak

[youtube id=”pW1gx086ZxU”]

The video above shows an iPhone 8 dummy model packing an edge-to-edge display.

The top bar that is home for the front-facing camera and sensors.

You will also notice the vertical dual-lens rear camera and glossy black chassis made from glass with a matching and indistinguishable steel band around the edges.

These features are all in-line with current thinking.

Were you hoping for more from Apple?

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