Apple iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens cameras being tested

iphone 7 plus dual lens cameraApple iPhone 7 Plus could well come packing a dual-lens camera if the latest tests prove positive.

It appears that there’s a few camera suppliers throwing their hats in the ring in order to attract the fruity phone cobbler’s attention.

Taiwan-based Largan Technology as well as Japan- and China-based camera lens makers have sent dual-lens camera test samples to Apple for potential inclusion in its next-generation iPhone, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Largan may already have the upper hand as word is that it currently supplies over 60% of Apple’s smartphone cameras, leading some market analysts to believe Apple is seeking dual-camera products from other makers to lower potential risks.

apple iphone 7 plus dual lens camera rumourRumours of Apple’s dual-lens plans have been bubbling for a while and fits in nicely with the company’s acquisition of Israeli camera technology company LinX Imaging for around $20 million last year.

This all sounds pretty plausible to me and a little less far-fetched than Apple’s flexible OLED phone plans which were discovered recently.

Apple’s next show-and-tell should prove interesting with the iPhone 7 Plus ruomours and the alleged updates to the iPad Air 3.