Apple iPhone 6S – what you need to know

iphone 6s full screenWhile the major hype and buzz has died down since its release several months ago, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remain the most popular line of phones on the market today. With the inevitable upcoming release of the 6S, what exactly can you expect from the new iPhone 6S and what do you need to know?

Consumers who want to purchase a powerful phone from a trusted and reliable brand have already done so by the tens of millions, but millions more will make the switch to the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus near the end of the year. What you may have – besides excitement for getting the next iPhone – are questions.

GadgetyNews is always here to help so, below, is a run down of what will be the latest iPhone’s specs so that you can be aware of what to expect with the device and be better informed.

iPhone 6S design

When picking up the new iPhone 6S, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many design changes when compared to the iPhone 6. Following the footsteps of the iPhone 4 and 4S, the changes in the latest iPhone to hit the market will be largely internal.

iphone 6s topThe dimensions of the new iPhone 6S are reported to be 13.8 cm in length, 6.7 cm in width and 0.7 cm thick, making it slightly thicker than the current model. Some reports have suggested that Apple may be introducing a new colour with this version – pink or rose have been bounced around as two prominent considerations – that will feature alongside the current line-up of grey, silver and gold.

iPhone 6S display

We won’t know absolutely for sure about display or glass changes until Apple unveils the announcement later in the year, but multiple sources are digging through information to find out what might be featured. One popular speculation based on new patents shows that Apple is planning to construct a phone with a display that wraps around the edges and engulfs the phone, making it possible to move apps and functions to the side. Rather than relying upon physical buttons, virtual buttons would become the new norm.

iphone 6s edgeAs far as the composition of the screen and glass, many have suggested that this might be the version that finally receives Sapphire glass. In addition, the chassis that houses the display has been rumoured to be Apple’s Liquidmetal, but this remains to be seen. On the downside, a prominent manufacturer of Sapphire glass has announced recent layoffs and shutdowns over the past year and seems to be veering away from its previous relationship with Apple.

Cameras, interaction and service

Three big newsworthy items circulating in Apple discussion are about the iPhone 6S’ camera, service signal and overall touch options. It’s believed that historical issues that plague iPhone’s reception will be a thing of past with new technology that boosts cell signal dramatically (though if you still have bad service, then consider an I phone unlocking service to change phone networks).

The new camera rumoured to be on the iPhone 6S is said to rival even professional photography, with 21MP of resolution (this would be the biggest advancement for the iPhone camera between models ever).

iPhone 6s cameraLast but not least, it is also rumoured that Apple will be unveiling its Force Touch technology, which allows the screen to measure how hard or softly you are pressing the display. This of course will allow for a myriad number of advancements in apps and software on the device.


While it’s not likely that the iPhone 6S will be the most revolutionary shift between two variations of the iPhone, it will still likely incorporate a variety of new features and better internal specifications to help consumers get more out of their phone. We are absolutely looking forward to hearing more over the next two to three months about what we can expect from this device!