Apple iPhone 4 Twice as Powerful as the iPad

Yeah – another iPhone 4 article but hey – only another week before we can get one then I’ll move on.

I just thought you’d like to know that when we do get it in our grubby little hands that it’s rumoured to be packing 512MB of RAM – twice that of the iPad tablet.

This obviously means that it will giggle at multi-tasking and it will be able to look at the other top-end smartphones out there squarely in the lens.

That 512MB of RAM is also twice that of the iPhone 3GS  and four times that of the old iPhone 3G. That would explain why there’ll be no multitasking update on the 3G then.  If you have an iPhone 3GS though, you’ll be able to enjoy multi-tasking with the free iOS 4 update which will hit iTunes next Monday (June 21st).

You can pre-order your iPhone 4 from Apple or check out the tariffs here.


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