Apple iPhone 4 Left sat at a Bar – Loved by Interweb

iPhone 4 may have actually slipped out into the public if all the interweb hullabaloo is to believed.

Following SaskTel’s admission it now seems that the actual hardware was stood up in a San Francisco bar.

Engadget received photos over the weekend of what is claimed to be a prototype iPhone 4 that features a revamped shell, with straight edges and round buttons on the side.

The tipster supposedly “found it on the floor of a bar” which to me sounds incredibly careless but it’s not actually unheard of for Apple to lose its iPhone test models (It did happen with the iPhone 3GS).

Although the far-fetched story above would not have made this post-worthy if it wasn’t for the fact that this alleged iPhone 4 happens to match the model seen in the same spyshot as the iPad before it was launched. The pic taken of an Apple testbed featuring both iPhone and iPad is pretty convincing and points to the pics being actually of the supposed iPhone 4.

Where this could all be a long planned scam there has since been a source confirming that this is the iPhone 4.

The exterior tweaks can be seen with almost a completely redesigned back and sides whilst keeping the familiar home button and black front. The source confirms that iPhone 4 will come with a higher resolution screen, front facing camera for video chat, a higher resolution camera with a flash, a dodgy sounding 80gb of storage and will even accept the new micro SIM cards that the iPad uses – which is quite a change.

What tops all of this is that the original tipster claims that iPhone 4 is rocking a glass back, you know the MacBook Pro laptop trackpads? This could be the fulfillment of a 2006 Apple patent application for a ceramic casing, which is “radio transparent”. Could we be looking at a possible new case material that has no negative impact on phone signal quality whilst the main body of the phone is forged out of a single piece of aluminium?

Are you convinced?

Could this actually be it?

UPDATE!!! – Gizmodo have it, they’ve videoed it, reviewed and written out the spec!! Go here!

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