Apple iPhone 3GS – When and Where to Get it First in The UK

iphone-3gs2The queues for the iPhone 3GS have started already in New York for tomorrow morning – London doesn’t appear to be quite that eager.

The Carphone Warehouse will be quicker off the mark tomorrow and will open their Oxford Street stores and some others in major cities ahead of Apple and O2 – from 7am onwards. This could help your bragging rights as you sit at your work desk with a nice new Messiah Mobile 🙂

Larger O2 stores and Apple Retail stores will open their doors for iPhone 3GS sales from 8am.

No queues as yet but that will probably soon change – Carphone Warehouse has revealed it has seen the total number of pre-registrations for the device hit 18,000.

Analyst, Gene Munster, reckons that Apple will sell half a million iPhone 3G S’s across the eight countries that the 3GeSus phone is hitting first.

The 19th June also happens to be the launch date of the Nokia N97, the Nokia N86 8MP and the Nokia 6730 classic on Vodafone…. coinsidence?

So, are you queuing up for an iPhone 3GS or a new Nok?

I know a certain Chris Garrett will be waiting in line for the new Appley handheld 😉

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