Apple iPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One, Moto Droid and Palm Pre Compared

If your head is spinning with details and specs of the four phones above then thank Billshrink for the complete comparison break-down.

Billshrink has compared the main specifications and the cost of ownership of the Google, Apple, Palm and Motorola blowers. The cost of ownership may be more important and even a deciding factor in these times of the crunch.

Can you guess who the winner out of the iPhone, Nexus One, Droid or Pre is?

You may be surprised or even confused.

By my reckoning there’s no out-and-out champ. The handsets, as you’ve probably already imagined, all have their strengths and weaknesses.

To be honest though I still feel that the iPhone is top. The interface is great, the 3GS is an improvement on the 3G which is still great, the number of apps keeps the interest up – the 3MP phone will always be a stumbling block – but that may get some attention soon 😉

What do you reckon?

What’s your choice?

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