Apple iPad Tablet Arriving Spring 2010

apple_tabletAppleInsider has a great reputation for ‘predicting’ what the next move of Apple will be.

AI has added more creedence to the iPad Apple Tablet rumour-mill because they’ve posted a report online suggesting that we’re almost certainly going to see a Mac tablet within the coming year – as early as Spring!

Ok, so that’s later than the October date I’ve previously reported but it looks like there’s more chance of this thing actually become a reality doesn’t it?

The report says “The 10-inch, 3G-enabled tablet, akin to a jumbo iPod touch, is the latest brainchild of chief executive Steve Jobs.” It goes on to say that Jobs has “cemented the device in the company’s 2010 roadmap, where it’s being positioned for a first quarter launch, according to people well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs.”

So is this report to be taken as 100% true?

Well, I’m taking this as another rumour but from a trusted source that has a credible score when it comes to Apple products but I’d still be happier with pics of the product or even a leaked spec list….

So – anybody with that info just drop me a line yeah?  😉

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