Apple iPad 3 Retina Display [iPad 2+] will make Magazines look “Utter Ass”

Will the iPad 3 have a Retina Display screen or not? That’s been the on/off question for a while now. Well it seems that a slip of the tongue may have confirmed it.

I, like most of the gadgety bloggers on the interwebs, is expecting a memory and resolution bump when the next Apple slate lands – which could be as early as September if some of the rumbling is right.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball is known for being on the money more-often-than-not with pre-knowledge of what’s happening down Cupertino way and he has basically stated that the next-gen iPad will in fact be rocking a Retina Display.

Gruber was writing about how iPad magazines could improve and be more attractive to punters when he proclaims: “These magazines and newspapers that render each “page” as a static 1024 × 768 image are going to look like utter ass on the iPad 3’s 2048 × 1536 retina display.”

Now, you could just take that as a throwaway remark or, knowing Gruber’s insider knowledge, give this a little more weight.

The 2048 x 1536 resolution also adds credence to the recent rumours about there being an iPad 2 Plus which offers similar power and ability to the current model albeit with an improved screen.

Watch this space then eh?

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