Apple iPad More Popular than DVD Players – Has TV’s and Phone’s in its Sights

If you thought that the iPad was having trouble carving a niche for itself (ok, I admit I’m one if them) then the news that the Apple tablet has become the fastest adopted non-phone gadget ever may surprise you!

The iPad has even blazed passed the venerable DVD player, as it looks set to make tablets the fourth largest consumer electronics category going. Not bad eh?

The fruity slate took a mere 28 days to reach the million unit mark; 3.27 million during the first three months – compare that to the crazy-popular iPhone hitting the same figure in 74 days. Analysts state that the iPad is well on its way to surpass game consoles and basic cell phones. Colin McGranahan, a retail analyst with Bernstein Research, claimed that the device is the fastest selling non-phone electronic product in the history.

Apple is looking to earn $9 billion in revenue from this device alone which sits the iPad just behind the markets for TVs, smartphones and notebook computers. No wonder there’s so many tablets hitting the market then?

That’s according to Bernstein Research who says that the iPad’s current sales rate of around 4.5 million every quarter has put other gadgets in the shade. By comparison, the DVD player only managed to move 350,000 in its first year on the shelves. The household disc spinner had previously been the fastest adopted new category product ever; apart from mobile phones.

So – have you got a tablet? Are you going to?

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