Apple iPad / iProd / iTablet Caught on Video – Touched and Used

apple_tabletIt sounds like the Apple Slab will be out next year with the amount of folk dismissing a September launch.

Thing is that the amount of people denying the iPad is decreasing and the amount of people suggesting a release date is increasing.

So – this iProd then, it has been described as a 10 inch screened iPod Touch with a black back (obviously this may change) but what would it actually look like?

The Apple tablet in the first video sure looks like the real thing.

The short clip shows a user touching the screen and firing up Safari, with links to the App Store and other extras all shown in an OS X–like dock down the bottom.

What is weird though is the extra hardware being used down the front. Forum users over at MacRumors reckon this is actually the dev kit. What is clear is that this looks very much like an Apple tablet.

Another clip, which you can see down below, shows a similar UI and a nice shot of the Apple tablet being given a good old prod to boot.

Have a look and see if you believe the hype 😉

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