Apple iPad Controls 95% of Market Share – Who can Challenge the Mighty Tablet?

Anyone that is doubting the iPad’s popularity (whether people take them out of their home or not is another matter) then the latest figures should help with the convincing.

Apple appears to be controlling the Tablet market with a whopping 95% stake.

If you take into consideration that the iPad was only unleashed earlier this year and that these figures are from the third quarterly results alone shows that the iPad, whether you’re a fan or not, deserves a pat on the back.

Naturally, loads of gadget makers have watched Mr Jobs’ bank balance inflate leading to a multitude of slates, tablets, and other flat touchscreen puters hitting the market.

Do you think there is an actual contender for the iPad’s title?

Has Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, HP’s Slate 500, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook or Dell’s Looking Glass got what it takes?

Who’s your money on? Perhaps iPad 2 will wrap everything up for Apple?

One thing’s for sure – the threat isn’t going to come from NEXT 😉

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