Apple iPad 28 Days Later: 1 Million Sold

That’s right my gadgety friends. A mere 28 days after its initial release Apple have announced that the iPad has crushed the iPhones sales figures which took a long (in comparison) stroll of 74 days to hit the magic million.

I’m pretty sure Mr Jobs and his team are all having a chuckle at those like me that were uncertain about how the iPad would find a niche – I must add that I still thought that Apple would sell loads as there are those that will buy any Apple gadget 😉

The iPad sales figures were boosted even further by another 300,000 after the release of the 3G edition seven days ago.

The App Store has also seen 12 million downloads so far and the iPad now has 5,000 dedicated apps to take advantage of its enlarged screen size.

There will be another spike on the sales chart come May 10th when the official prices are revealed and UK pre-orders are given the green light 🙂

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