Apple iOS Game Controllers for iPad and iPhone in Pipeline?

Apple Gaming Controller iOS Game PadFancy using your iPad like a proper gaming machine? Well, Apple could be working on an iGamepad which would hand you a real game controller and an improved gaming experience for iPhone and iPad owners.

Using a physical game controller with your iOS device may be around the corner according to reports of an internal Apple project to bring such a thing on to the market.

AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi admits that it’s still uncertain if the iGamepad will ever reach full release – but I am sure that there’s a fair few new iPad owners in particular that would snap one of these up and test the new tablet’s quad-core graphics out.

This is one area where Apple could learn from Android whose devices (the Sony Tablets P and S) are already able to use PS3 controllers for gaming.

This wouldn’t be the first time would it Apple? *cough* pull-down notifications *cough* 😉

Granted – it might ideal unless you have a bag to shove your iGamepad and iPad in to but I could see this working on longer train journeys and flights.

What say you?

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