Apple HD TV Been Seen and Tested – iTV has Siri and Face Recognition

Apple HD iTV iPanelIf you’re waiting for the actual, real and hotly-tipped Apple TV instead of the wonderfully clever V1 set from Bang & Olufsen then there’s good news. It’s been seen, tested and it’s rocking Siri and much more.

An “inside source” has reported that the Apple HD iTV prototype has a striking resemblance to Apple’s current range of the aluminium LED Cinema Display monitors, it’s just bigger.

Word has been that the Apple television set will be available in 32-inch and 37-inch sizes and that Sharp has already ramped up production of its screens to match Apple’s demand.

Other features include an iSight webcam so you can make FaceTime video calls.

Naturally, it comes complete with a face-tracking function, just like Samsung’s ES8000. The Apple set will use this so that you can make calls from your couch and, should you prefer to pace around the room when you chat (I do), the camera will follow you as you wander around – not sure what happens when you’re not facing it though.

I’m still unsure what the fruity HD TV will be called. It wont be iTV as that’s taken by… well… ITV, and the broadcaster has already made its feelings known about this subject.

Apple’s usual ‘slap a little i in front of the device name’ could work if they try iHDTV or perhaps they’ll just kick their current Apple TV in to touch and hand the name over to their new gogglebox.

There has been rumblings about calling it iPanel as it promises to be much more than a TV.

I’m still optimistic that we’ll hear something from Apple about its telly around September – heck, you live in hope right?

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