Apple Gives Music Lessons via New Garageband

stingHere’s a bit of news that will make quite a few people happy, especially my bro – who’s getting a guitar soon so he and his daughter can learn to play 🙂

Apple has unveiled a new version of Garageband that, as well as adding some new features, includes the option for users to actually learn an instrument or song from within the application!

Best of all, this tuition comes direct from the artist who recorded it.

Garageband will be bundled with nine basic lessons for guitar and piano, but you’ll be able to hop online and download more.

You can also get those special lessons from celebs including John Fogerty, Fallout Boy and Sting.

These lessons are beamed to your rehearsal space/kitchen in the form of high quality High Def videos of the artist talking you through the process.

No pants, dry text or boring lecture here folks!

I think that this is an incredibly cool move as quite a number of people are getting interested in playing an actual instrument after having a giggle on Guitar Hero et al.

And let’s face it; it’s also an extra revenue stream for Apple.

Each lesson will cost $4.99, or around £3.50.

I’m all for it but what do you think?