Apple Find my iPhone update adds driving route to your lost device – unfortunately using Maps

New Find my iPhone appYou may have notice that Apple updated its Find My iPhone app today which now has added driving directions to your lost device.

If you’ve lost your iOS device or been relieved of your Mac you can now be lead straight to it, complete with driving route instructions.

This all sounds rather useful, until you realise that the Find My iPhone app uses the default iOS Maps app to handle the direction duties.

When you tap the car icon when searching for your misplaced device the app will auto-fill its location data in Maps and start you on your way.

Find my iPhone Apple MapsYeah, you’re probably thinking the exact same thing I am – how sure can you be that Apple Maps is leading you to the right street, let alone the right building.

Check out the second picture – this is showing me the route to my iPhone… which I am holding, at my desk. Apparently my arms are 20 yards long! 😮

Still – if you’ve left your iPhone at a bar but can’t remember how to get back to it, this should help. Those Christmas parties have already started 😉

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