Apple Call Emergency Press Conference – iPhone Recall Because iOS 4.1 Doesn’t Fix it

This must be serious!

Although I’ve not had any real problem with my iPhone 4 and, according to PocketLint, many other UK new iPhone owners are happy with their Apple blower – It does seem that Apple is taking the grip of death issue very seriously.

The company has taken the step of calling an emergency press conference in San Francisco tomorrow at 6pm UK time, where it will address the reception problems that have caused no end of hoo-har since the devices launch.

I honestly can’t see a full recall happening and do you honestly think that Apple will dip into their pockets to send us all a refund or some form of compensation?

Could this be because now that the beta of iOS 4.1, which contains firmware for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as second generation iPod touches seems to do little more than sort out the algorithm for working out the displayed signal bars? – Mobile Crunch says that this isn’t all that stable at the minute either

iOS 4.1 does contain support for AVRCP Bluetooth controls, meaning that you should be able to control your iPhone’s iPod app using other Bluetooth devices.  Handy if you’ve got Bluetooth in your car.

An option to turn off FaceTime has also been added to the settings menu as well as an option to turn off multi player games. Both of these measures are presumably aimed at parents who want to restrict what their kids can do with their handsets.

So – 6pm (UK time) on Friday we’ll see what happens.

What are your predictions?

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