Apple Bringing OLED iPhone, iPod, Netbook and Monitor in 2009

apple_netbook_isamu_sanadaIt’s all pointing towards an interesting Summer in Apple-land.

As you’re aware, there has been confirmation of the iPhone price drop with Carphone Warehouse stating that you can now swipe an 8GB iPhone for ‘free’ on the £34.26 a month tariff, that’s down from the previous figure of £44.05 per month. And a £44.05 a month tariff now gets you a ‘free’ 16GB iPhone that would’ve stung you for £75 per month for one of those for free – you do have to sign up for 2 years mind.

There has been plenty said about this new rumoured new model and now there’s more word – this time from LG of all people.

Before you go “huh?”, LG makes screens for Apple.

Ahhhh….now you see 🙂

Therefore it makes perfect sense that someone in Korea would know if Apple was planning new products with those screens.

Well, the lovely Aussie tech site Smarthouse has got someone in the know within the company.  Sweet!

This insider at LG claims that new OLED notebooks, an OLED iPhone (and iPod Touch) and new flat panel monitors are lined up for 2009!


That’s not all – there’s also a new netbook that’s already doing the rounds as a prototype.

So, where’s Mr, Miss, Ms and Mrs Blurry Cam???!!!!???

As OLED is apparently reknowned for attracting smeary finger-prints (more than the current screen!) these new LG touchscreens should feature an extra layer to eliminate ‘finger marking’.

That OLED screen will also suck less juice from that battery as well which is a total bonus.

So, stay tuned and as soon as I get news so shall you 🙂


Pic credit:  Isamu Sanada