Apple Booked in for June 11 to Show iOS6, iPhone 5 and Mountain Lion – Probably

WWDC 2012 screen shotLooking at Apple’s past, their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) has been the traditional place to reveal the latest iOS version. It looks like iOS 6 will land in June and, perhaps, iPhone 5.

The first indication of where and when this year’s WWDC will be held appeared last night.

The Moscone Center in San Francisco, an Apple favourite, has been booked out for a week for an unidentified “conference meeting” starting on June 11th.

Both the venue and the timescale are in line with Apple’s traditional developer expo.

At WWDC last year, which fell on June 7th, Apple unveiled iOS 5 complete with revamped notifications, reminders, iMessage, Newsstand and more – so it stands to reason that the company will allow us a first look at iOS 6 this time around.

The WWDC is usually the place that the new iPhone gets a show and tell, although last year was the first time in five years Apple failed to launch their next gen smartphone. Instead they had us wait until October to see iPhone 4S.

There’s a number of people thinking that Apple will follow the same pattern this year but, I reckon the October release was due to issues rather than planning.

My feeling is that Apple will push the boat out and not only show off iOS 6 and iPhone 5 but unfurl the completed version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the latest version of its MacBook and iMac software, first previewed late last year.

The June unveiling of iPhone 5 would also fall in line with a recent leak about a Q2 release.

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