Apple Admits that iOS 4.3 Web Apps are Slower

If you’ve updated your iGadget up to iOS 4.3 and think that your web apps have slowed down well, you’d be right.

In fact Apple have come clean and admitted that web apps are slower because they’re not optimised for the new Nitro JavaScript engine equipped iOS 4.3.

This means that “web-centric applications built for the platform – including third-party browsers that use the embedded web viewer – do not offer the same performance as applications and webpages run within Safari.”

“The embedded web viewer does not take advantage of Safari’s web performance optimisations.” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller tells The Register. It would seem that these optimisations include the Nitro JavaScript engine as well as certain Safari caches and the browser’s “asynchronous” rendering mode.

To top it all off Apple is not saying whether or not they’ll put all of this right in the next update – which is nice.

What are your thoughts? Don’t you just love software ‘updates’ and ‘improvements’ like this?

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