Apple Admits to September iPhone 5 Release – PAYG Handset too?

Are you bored with all the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S rumours? Looking for some definite indication that there’ll be some new Apple toys in September? How about news direct from the horse’s mouth?

None other than Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, stated that the company is set for a busy Autumn:

As we announced at WWDC, we have a lot going on in the fall with the introduction of iOS 5 and iCloud. We also have a future product transition that we’re not going to talk about today, and these things will impact our September quarter.

There you have it – that’s probably as close you’re going to get to Apple saying that September will see at least one new iPhone when iOS 5 lands. Perhaps the iPad Plus will appear as well?

The product transition may also include the much rumoured PAYG budget iPhone mentioned by BGR founder Jonathan Geller – he states that Apple will be launching an iPhone that will cost no more than $350 (£270) on Pay As You Go. Add in the network subsidies that are usually used to outprice the competition the, more than likely iPhone 3GS, handsets could end up around 200 notes!

How’s about them Apples?

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