AOC unleashes 24-inch AG241 QHD gaming monitor duo

AG241 releaseMonitor maker extraordinaire, AOC, has launched the first 24-inch gaming monitors from their premium AGON series with QHD resolution.

I met these monitors at a press bash recently and they are as impressive as their stats sound.

The AG241QG comes with 165 Hz, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and NVIDIA ULMB. Whereas the AG241QX differentiates itself by having 144 Hz and Adaptive-Sync technology.

Naturally, being top-flight gaming screens, they have a 1 ms response time. With all that tech both monitors race through all games without stutter, screen tearing and motion blur.

Comfort for long tournaments

Comfort is a necessity, especially if you’re getting involved in a team game. AOC have ensured that this has not been overlooked in their premium AGON gaming monitors.

AG241 rear angleThanks to the AOC Ergo Dial Base of the AG241QG and AG241QX, users can adjust their screen to their personal needs. You get height-adjustment, combined with a scale to set the preferred level, as well as tilt and swivel options.

AG241 sideComfort for the eyes is just as important for outlasting the competition. AOC’s Flicker-free Technology is present in both the AG241QG and AG241QX reduces eye discomfort and fatigue.

AG241 front angleThe Adaptive-Sync model goes even further with its Low Blue Light mode. This reduces adverse short wavelength blue light without sacrificing colour quality.

Additional powerful gaming features of the AG241QX are the AOC Low Input Lag, AOC Shadow Control and the AOC Game Mode Presets on the special KeyPad.

Low input lag, as it says, makes sure gamers’ commands are executed without delay. The AOC Shadow Control provides quick contrast adjustment for a better view of pinpointed areas, without jeopardising the already well-balanced screen areas.

The AOC Settings KeyPad is perfect for comfortably switching between various image settings. Saving presets and instantly activating them when needed has never been easier.

Price and availability

The AOC AGON AG241QX will be available in August 2016 for an MSRP of £389 and the AOC AGON AG241QG for an MSRP of £519 in September 2016.