AOC Agon AG352UCG 35-inch curved gaming monitor

AGON AG352UCG G-syncAOC have announced their rather swish-looking Agon AG352UCG 35-inch curved ultra-wide monitor.

Curved televisions always seemed a bit daft to me – unless you lived alone and never had people around. Whereas putting this tech in to a gaming monitor makes perfect sense.

The Agon AG352UCG (why don’t they ever have more catchy names) brings 35-inches of with 3440×1440 Quad HD resolution to wrap around your field of vision.

This gorgeous display also has G-Sync support with refresh rates at up to 100 Hz.

AG352UCG G-SyncThe AG325UGC uses a VA panel with a reported 4ms response time. Thanks to that fancy panel, AOC says the monitor will reproduce the full sRGB color space, and that it can achieve a maximum static contrast ratio of 2500:1.

The company also claims the monitor manages viewing angles of up to 178°, both horizontally and vertically.

The AG352UCG’s curvature is relatively gentle at 2000R, so it shouldn’t distort flat images too drastically.

Connectivity comes by way of DisplayPort and HDMI connections around the back. You also get a four-port USB hub and a headphone jack.

This display packs a fold-out headphone hook. If you fancy carting this to a LAN party, there’s also a carrying handle.

AG352UCG G-Sync backThe LED lights on the AG352UCG’s back and lower bezel can be set to three different colours (red, green, blue) and three different brightness levels. Handy if you’ve any team affiliations or, like me, have a colour scheme for your gaming rig.

Agon AG352UCG price and availability

You will be able to grab one of these fine monitors in March in exchange for £799.

Get more info here.

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