Anybots QB Allows You to be in Bed and the Office at the Same Time!

We all have days when we’d rather not turn up for work right?

Wouldn’t it be great to send in a substitute to attend that pointless meeting, the ‘team building’ day or to take care of your early shift – all without you having to get out of bed?

Time to make ‘QB’ your best friend!

QB looks a lot friendlier than its telepresence competitor, TiLR, and is only too happy to step into your shoes when you can’t/don’t want to go into the office.

S/he will mooch around at 3.5mph and with its LIDAR guidance system the robot shouldn’t walk into bins, desks or colleagues – see; already better than you isn’t it? Thanks to a 5 megapixel camera you can guide him around the factory floor or office navigating by a regular Web browser and arrow keys.

When you decide to catch ‘Loose Women’ or grab a cuppa QB will go and sit in a corner to recharge using a docking station. QB lasts about the same as us as well needing a recharge after 6-8 hours.

A 3.7-inch video screen, mic and speaker let you chat live to colleagues (if you are working from your bed you have the option to show a still).

If all that wasn’t cool enough, the helpful bods at Anybots can customise each robot to match the personality of the user. Is that a good thing? How would my workmates benefit from a hung-over droid who can’t really hear everything thanks to the overly loud gig the night before and isn’t really worth talking to ’til after 11am/coffee #3 – whichever happens sooner?

All you need to interface with QB is an 802.11g Wi-Fi connection.

If you work in different sites, or countries for that matter, you’re able to switch between different QBs. Best of all, if you can’t be bothered to meet the potential clients you can send them a special URL so they can ride your QB around your company.

Yeah, before you start planning to ‘work from home’ between June and September here’s the reality check. QB will cost a chunk of your salary – £10,500!

So, unless you’ve been helping yourself to the Christmas party fund – you may need to invest in an alarm clock.

Check out the video below 🙂

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