Another iPod Dock – Gear4 Duo

Gear4 DuoI confess to getting a little bored with the multitude of iDocks knocking around.

Few have pricked my attention such as the B&W Zeppelin, the loveliness of Roth Audio’s line-up and of course the gorgeous Vita Audio R4 but the latest from Gear4 has it’s own trick.

The ‘Duo’ looks like another compact 2.1 speaker system for Apple’s tune-box but pull off the magnetically connected front panel and you’ve got yourself a portable, battery-powered speaker system similar to Gear4’s own StreetParty Size 0 complete with a fold-away kick stand.

When you want to re-dock just push it up against the sub and the magnets click it back into place, and your music continues without fuss.

Crave states that the “sound quality’s not too shabby. When connected to the sub, the overall tone is acceptable”.

Basically it’s ok for your study or bedroom with the benefit of the portable front-end so you don’t have to stop the vibe or podcast whilst making a cuppa or feeding the cat.

It’s out on 1 June for reasonable £150.