Another CRITICAL Windows Internet Explorer Security Problem

Now, you would have thought that Microsoft would have made their web browser virtually bomb-proof by now but the big M has issued a global warning to users of the IE web browser because the software could leave your machine open to malicious attacks. Nice.

Microsoft said that the recently discovered loophole in the web browser has meant that they’ve had to send out a “critical” warning to alert those 900 million users that hack attacks could see IE users lose private information or have their computers hijacked.

“When the user clicked that link, the malicious script would run on the user’s computer for the rest of the current Internet Explorer session,” announced Angela Gunn, a representative for Microsoft. She added: “Such a script might collect user information, e.g e-mail, spoof content displayed in the browser or otherwise interfere with the user’s experience.”

Microsoft are unable to remotely remove the bug from its software so have squirted out a ‘temporary patch’ to fix the issue whilst it works on a more permanent solution.

All Internet Explorer users are being urged to download the patch at the earliest convenience.

I’m glad that I use Chrome 😉

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