Anki Overdrive Supertruck review

Anki Overdrive Supertrucks


Build quality




Ease of use




Value for money



  • Refreshes the Overdrive experience
  • Uses existing car charger
  • New weapons and tactics
  • New game modes
  • Great fun


  • Still not cheap
  • Can't use Launch Kit

anki-overdrive-x52-supertruck-reviewI’m a huge fan of Anki Overdrive. I was enthusiastic about it when I reviewed it last year. Earlier this year Anki introduced their Supertrucks and I was invited along for a sneaky peek. Now I have s Supertruck to test at home!

Being old enough to remember greats such as TCR (Total Control Racing) and Scalextric, Anki Overdrive blew me away. In fact, Overdrive has proved a huge hit with all my mates to the point where if they come around for a drink they quiz me if I haven’t already got the track set up.

I’ve extra bits of track such as the Collision and Launch kits but it was time for something new to race.

Anki Overdrive Supertrucks

Thankfully, Anki introduced the Supertrucks. There are three to choose from – X52, Freewheel and a limited edition X52 ICE exclusive to the UK and Republic of Ireland at Smyths Toys Superstores.

supertruck-x52-iceThese Supertrucks are a big deal in every way. Not only do they open up a new dimension to the racing battle game, the app has been refreshed to include the new trucks’ abilities. Oh, and the trucks are almost three times the length of the original Supercars.

anki overdrive supertrucks freewheel and X52This makes overtaking a tad more difficult – a bit like when Volvo started racing their 850 estates in the Touring Car Championships back in the mid-90s.

Here’s a quick interview with Tommy from Anki:

[youtube id=”TdRLIKVjOeM”]

Supertruck X52 review

Anki Overdrive set up

I have X-52 to review in addition to the four Supercars that I already have.

It might be commonsense for most but I think I should mention here that you cannot use the Launch Kit with Supertrucks. As awesome as it would be to see an articulated lorry jump a gap, that particular skill is not yet present. If you do try then the vehicles will pick it up when they initially scan the track. When I had my testing time with the trucks earlier in the year I did suggest a special Launch Kit for the trucks where the truck could go around the jump whilst the cars could still go over. Let’s see if that happens.

x52-supertruckSetting up is simple. You will need at least the Starter Kit to get going. This comes with two cars, Groundshock and Skull, a four car charger, tire cleaner, riser pieces to build low bridges, and ten track pieces capable of constructing eight different layouts.

I emphasised the low bridges as the risers were just a bit too low for the trucks when I set my track up. I ended up using a couple of the risers from the Launch Kit to ensure X52 could get under the bridge.

To take part in a race each player needs a vehicle and the free Anki Overdrive app installed on a compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet. The app and your device becomes your controller.

The Supertrucks use the same charger as the cars, so that’s sorted. A decent 20 minute charge for all the vehicles should be good. I generally charge the cars as I’m building up the track.

X52 in game

You only really need one Supertruck to get started with the expansion and once added it unlocks the new features.

Supertrucks can be used in the existing game modes but you also get some new ones. I love the Takeover battle where you start off in a car but then can take control of the truck.

The tucks have their own unique weapons: Freewheel gets a Gravity Trap, whereas X52 is loaded with a Pulse Ram.

[youtube id=”lpC-m7tp_es”]

As you would expect, the trucks take a little longer to hit top speed. I tried to level the playing-field by adding loads of corners to the track. The cool thing is that as the Supertrucks gain momentum they also build Rage. One their Rage-o-meters are maxed they can enter Rage Mode allowing them to speed up and take everything out.

X52 might not be as fast or nimble as the cars but you can certainly use its size to your advantage. You can become a rolling roadblock or use the trailer as a whipping tail. When Rage Mode kicks in then nobody is safe.

The Pulse Ram is fun as it clears the cars out of the way when you’re getting your speed up.

Anki Overdrive Takeover

The Takeover mode comes new to Anki Overdrive with the Supertrucks.

In this battle you all race in Supercars and try to damage the Supertruck until you are able to take it over.

Once in charge of Supertruck you are able to attack your opponents using your super-sized weapon. The thing is, while you’re doing that they will be trying to nab the truck for themselves.

Anki Supertruck review conclusion

I love the addition of the Supertrucks to Anki Overdrive.

You do have to build your tracks and change your tactics with them in mind though. More straights would be a bonus to allow the Rage to build up quicker, for instance.

I did find that you get more pile-ups with the truck but that just adds to the fun most of the time.

I do rate Anki Overdrive highly and was a definite favourite of mine last year. Adding the Supertrucks really gives the game a new lease of life and an added dimension. If you have Anki Overdrive already, you need at least one Supertruck in your life!

Anki Overdrive Supertrucks price and availability

The Anki Overdrive Supertrucks are available now for £59.99 each, so add them to your Christmas wishlist. More information can be had over at the Anki website.

  • Anki Overdrive Starter Kit: £149.99
  • Supercars: £49.99 each
  • Supertrucks £59.99 each