Anki Overdrive Starter Kit unboxing [video]

anki overdrive unboxingEver since I covered the announcement that Anki were releasing Overdrive I have been counting down the days til it was available. The time is almost upon us and the lovely people over at Anki have sent me a preview kit and some extras to review!

I cannot wait to review Anki Overdrive and I am sure you can’t wait to see it either so, for the first time ever, GadgetyNews has gone video so you can share the unboxing experience at the same time as me.

anki overdrive unboxing carsThe starter kit comprises of 10 pieces of the modular FlexTrack: four straights and six 90-degree corners, which is enough to build eight different courses right out of the box. It also comes with two cars (Ground Shock and Skull) so you can immediately compete against a friend, or with the AI (artificial intelligence) driver – emphasis on intelligence.

anki overdrive skull and ground shockThe cars all have different strengths and weaknesses such as speed, weapons and defence and the drivers have distinct characters.

anki overdrive open boxAnki Overdrive is well packaged and it’s very easy to get to everything – no fiddly flaps, bits of wire or tape to slow you down and prevent you from getting your race on as soon as possible.

Check out the video unboxing below and let me know if you’d like to see more videos in the future.

[youtube id=”LM4lYMC7Uj8″]