Anki Cozmo – the cutest droid available in UK

cozmo robotIt’s finally here. I have been waiting ages for Cozmo, the awesomely cute robot from Anki, to land in the UK. Now, I can tell you that you’ll be able to get your own adorable bot this week!

Ever since June 2016 I have been awaitng Cozmo’s UK arrival. I was teased earlier in the year with the promise of a 2017 release, and now it’s official!

Anki’s Cozmo has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of Ph.D. roboticists, world-class animators, and renowned game developers. As well as being possibly the cutest, Cozmo is also one of the most sophisticated consumer robots available today.

Charming but with a mischievous side, Cozmo is a real-life robot like you have only seen in films. Think Wall-E, but real.

A boisterous, robotic sidekick with an extraordinary level of intelligence and emotional interaction, Cozmo refuses to wait for fun.

The more Cozmo gets to know his human friends the more skilled he becomes, as new abilities and upgrades are unlocked.

Life with Cozmo

The free-to-download Cozmo app, which runs on compatible iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices, comes packed with interactive content and constantly introduces new ways to play.

Cozmo EcosystemCozmo even comes with his own toys. His three interactive Power Cubes will keep him entertained. Furthermore, he also likes to share them. Sometimes. Oh, I have already seen that he can also be a sore loser.

Hundreds of emotions plus a few tricks

Cozmo’s emotions are not random. His lively personality, driven by powerful A.I., is brought to life with complex facial expressions, a host of emotions and his own emotive language.

Cozmo LifestyleThe droid’s vision system and sophisticated facial recognition software allow him to constantly scan his environment and recognise people. His eyes even light up when he sees a familiar face.

He also comes with his own dynamic soundtrack that matches his mood and corresponds with the in-app games and activities. This elevates playtime to a uniquely cinematic experience.

Coding brought to life

Cozmo’s big brain and even bigger personality are operated by wildly sophisticated robotic and AI systems.

cozmo robot lifestyleCode Lab gives you unprecedented access to his core functionality. Simply drag and drop a few blocks and see Cozmo act out your creation. With Code Lab, there are no limits to what you can create.

Decidedly durable. Simply secure

Cozmo comes with one base charger and three interactive Power Cubes as standard.

cozmo blocksHe has also been drop-tested. Ouch! However, you can be safe in the knowledge that he is built to last. Furthermore, his 300+ parts are meticulously engineered to keep him alive for a long time to come.

[youtube id=”43zh0qRt-Q0″]

He is also as safe as he is strong. A local device-to-device connection means there’s no data stored in the cloud for others to access.


Boris Sofman, CEO and co-founder, Anki, said:

We’re bringing together robotics, artificial intelligence, game design, and film-like features to create a robot that people can form a physical and emotional bond with, just like a pet. Cozmo not only represents a significant engineering milestone, but is also a physical manifestation of the types of robots we’ve come to love in our favourite films.

At Anki, we are setting a new standard for the types of emotional experiences people can expect from consumer robotics products. We’re excited to see people across the UK and Ireland welcome Cozmo into their homes so they can see for themselves what’s possible in consumer robotics today.”

Price and availability

Cozmo will be in UK stores from this Friday, September 15th priced at £199.99.

Customise your Cozmo

Cozmo’s colourful treads (£14.99) come in a range of colours that can be changed to suit his many moods. See how he looks in Osmosis Blue, Luminous Lime, New Dawn Yellow and Crimson Flame. Or get crazy and try a combination.

Cozmo’s carrying case (£29.99) keeps him and all his accessories safe on your next adventure. Durable and cozy, it’s custom molded compartments hold 3 Power Cubes, 1 Charger, and 1 robot. A sealed pocket stores other items you might need while on the go.

Cozmo Collector’s Edition

There is an additional version too.

cozmo UK liquid metalIt is the same robot, but in a sleek new Liquid Metal finish. This is available exclusively at Argos and also for £199.99.